Dopee Conversation with Garrick Jones (former Hous


Dopee Conversation with Garrick Jones (former Hous

Houston Texans General Manager hopeful Garrick Jones.. A natural leader, he is the president of the Huddle Up Foundation of Houston, which is a nonprofit organization created by former NFL athletes working in around the communities they serve. He’s Co-Founded the States Developmental Football League in which he serves as commissioner. Where he takes experiences from his professional football career to educate current and former athletes on financial literacy, business, and finally leveraging their followings while cultivating an entrepreneurship mindset. 10 years in professional football I would say he has a story to tell and you all should hear how he defied odd by: -signing of his first NFL contract after forgoing his senior season at Arkansas State University due to personal issues. - Becoming a trusted agent to his peers by sitting on the Board of Directors for the NFLPA Houston Chapter -Advisory Board for IMPACT Sports LLC, a company focused on the development of concussion reducing helmets for all athletes.



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