Success Card


Success Card

IstheCITY's Success Card Connect with your friends, partners, potential clients quick and easy. With a simple tap or scan of the Success Card, quickly allow others to access personalized webpage with links to social media, contact info, menu, products and services, and so much more. Your clients can then connect directly to your profile, have access to your virtual business card, and follow your news feed without all the clutter that other social sites have that are NOT designed to help you promote what you do best. Your passport to connections, events, deals, networking and perks. The Success Card give you or your business special perks to help you be successful. He is a list of additional perks... Success Card with Tap and Scan Personalized Success Webpage One Success Widget Add your menu, products, services, portfolio and more to your Success Card. Post events on IstheCITY events and the Post your specials, sales, or deals on IstheCITY Deals Access to business related educational content and videos Access to premium content. Priority listing on the IstheCITY directory. Acknowledgments on the IStheCITY studio shows. Discount on Web Hosting and Development services. Local deals and specials We are always working to sweeten the deal.


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